Conferencia en Español


25 y 26 de septiembre




There will be Spanish conference held during Lunch on Wednesday September 25 and Thursday September 26. There will be three 1-page papers distributed to all who attend.

  1. The Biblical Counseling Needed in the Spanish-Speaking World (David Barcelo)
  2. The Importance and Process of Theological Education in the Spanish-SpeakingWorld (Sam Masters)
  3. The Role of Gospel Literature for the Current Reformation in the Spanish-Speaking Nations (David Adams)

As time permits extra questions for discussion:

  1. The relationship of Genesis 1:26-30 and the Great Commission
  2. What is the message that puts the finger in the Latin-American wound?


Those coming to the participate should provide two paragraphs to introduce/update the group regarding their own family and ministry. Please send an update before September 9 to: [email protected] (unless you have already done so on the registration page).

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