Obed Rupertus

Pastor Obed Rupertus was born in Chile in 1964. His path to ministry began from childhood in a Christian home, where he heard of Christ and trusted Him as a boy of ten. Since then, studying the Scriptures has been Obed’s passion. Through diligent reading of commentaries, sermons and biographies, he gradually came to understand, love and preach reformed theology.

Obed is thankful to have been serving as pastor of The Reformed Baptist Church of Santiago, Chile since 2011. He has a mature grasp of the breadth of Christ’s kingdom and has maintained friendships in many denominations, among whom God is increasingly using him throughout the country for preaching, teaching, and encouraging in biblical doctrine.

Obed has been married to Maria Teresa since 1986, and they have four children: Belén, Obed Jr., Asaf and Ammi.

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