The primary purpose of the Reformed Baptist Network is cooperation between like-minded churches for the cause of Missions and the spread of the Gospel. We believe that missions properly originates from, is overseen by, and is accountable to the local church. Local churches cooperate together through RBNet to further the work of missions. We believe the Great Commission centers on evangelizing lost sinners and gathering them into biblically faithful, organized, growing, and reproducing local churches across the globe. Biblical ecclesiology is essential to the work of missions. Therefore, we endeavor that all missions efforts in RBNet be church-centered: originating from, overseen by, and accountable to local churches, focused on church planting and church strengthening, including evangelism and support ministries. All persons seeking support or service through RBNet must be recommended and sponsored by a member church.

To donate to a specific RBNet Missionary, click on their name below (current shortfalls highlighted in red). To give to the RBNet Missionary Special Needs Fund (undesignated donations to meet current shortfalls) click here.

Ministry Designations


For the purposes of RBNet, missionaries are elder-qualified men and their wives engaged in the ongoing work of evangelism, church planting and/or church strengthening. This may include home (U.S.) or foreign (non-U.S.) fields, and may include foreign nationals (non-U.S.)  engaged in ongoing missionary work.

Church Planters

A Church Planter is a man (and his wife) sent or sponsored by a member church, engaged in home (U.S.) missions to plant one new local church in a specific locale, seeking financial and spiritual support for a limited time, until the church plant is self-supporting.

National Pastors

A National Pastor is a foreign (non-U.S.) national, pastoring or planting one national church and seeking financial and spiritual support for a limited time for their ministry labors until the national church is able to be self-supporting.

Military Chaplaincy

RBNet approved chaplains are officially endorsed by the Associated Gospel Churches

Support Missionaries

For the purposes of RBNet, support missionaries are those engaged in ongoing missions work, who are not pastors but are doing kingdom work, supporting and encouraging church planting and/or church strengthening.

Servicing or Endorsement?

The RBNet Office can provide financial servicing – receiving, distributing, and overseeing all financial needs – for missionaries on behalf of their sending local church. Alternatively, the sending local church can oversee those financial disbursements themselves, yet still have their missionary formally endorsed for support through RBNet. (Usually, the financial support of church planters engaged in home missions will be overseen by the local church.)

Process of Becoming an RBNet Serviced, Endorsed, or Associate Missionary/Church Planter

As a network of churches working together in mission, we love hearing about those the Lord is raising up to spread Christ’s gospel and further His kingdom! Since the Reformed Baptist Network is committed to the centrality of the local church, our missionaries and church planters are sent or sponsored by a full member church of RBNet. If you would like to begin this process, please have your sending or sponsoring church contact the RBNet Administrator for the church application form.

For a full description of the process, churches and candidates need to read the Missions Policy articulated in the RBNet Policy Manual, Section 3.7. If there are any questions, please contact the RBNet Coordinator.