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Ben Kilian is a professor of Agriculture at the African Christian University (ACU) in Lusaka, Zambia. Reformed Baptist Network support missionaries are those engaged in ongoing missions work, who are not pastors, but are doing kingdom work, supporting and encouraging church planting and/or church strengthening. Bible Fellowship Church of Greentown, PA, USA is the sponsoring church for Dr. Kilian. This is the church where Ben was nurtured and the where he was converted to Christ. The pastors there are Dave Johnston and Ben’s father, Rich Kilian.

Dr. Kilian’s ministry at the ACU is to teach, mentor, and disciple students. He is a faculty member primarily teaching agricultural courses and developing the agriculture program for ACU. The goal of African Christian University (ACU) as stated on their website is “to know and exalt God in the pursuit of all truth via every avenue available“. Through this ever-maturing relationship with God, students can turn their talents and education toward improving and developing their communities where cultural transformation of Africa can occur as Christ works through them. The Reformed Baptist Church Association of Zambia (ReBCAZ) has set their sights on creating ACU for this purpose.”

Ben is married to Abby and together they heard about ACU while he was working on his graduate degree in Molecular Plant Sciences at Washington State University. Ben writes, “This immediately struck a chord within my spirit as I realized the tremendous potential for local church-led Christian education in sub-Saharan Africa. . . Abby and I had discussed even prior to marriage that we wanted to be directly involved with international missions work through the local church. We didn’t have a clear vision or picture of what that would look like, but when I saw the need at African Christian University (ACU) much of how God led us up to that point in our life really snapped into focus.

Ben and Abby have 4 daughters and presently reside in Lusaka, Zambia.


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